lind shampó

Natural repair shampoo with wild Icelandic herbs

€ 25

fersk white

cleansing foam with wild Icelandic yarrow

€ 35


pure moisture with wild Icelandic herbs

€ 53


lotion cleanser with evening primrose and wild Icelandic herbs

€ 38

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Production and energy

All our products are made in Iceland using renewable energy. The water we use in our products is pure Icelandic spring water from a mountain called Kaldbakur.

About Sóley

The woman behind Sóley Organics is Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir, a long-standing iconic figure of the country’s theatre and film world. Now she has left the stage to embrace a family tradition that goes back 16 generations: harnessing the healing properties of herbs. Following in the footsteps of her great grandmother, Sóley created Sóley Organics in 2007 and launched her first product, an all-purpose therapeutic cream called GRÆÐIR, which means ‘healer’ in Icelandic.


Welcome to our store

We welcome you to our new store in Hafnafjörður, Iceland. You can also visit one of many Sóley Organics resellers around the world.


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