The Sóley Flagship Store at Grandi 

Earlier this year we opened our new flagship store in Reykjavik. Our previous storefront and office were located in my hometown Hafnarfjörður and now we’re housed in a neighborhood commonly known as Grandi. 

Graced by the ocean and mountain views this part of Reykjavik has in recent years been re-imagined, restructured, and rebranded in a fittingly organic way. Grandi is a stone’s throw away from the old harbor. Still a functioning harbor while occupied by design, bohemian and gourmet boutiques, travel brands, art, and eateries. 

For decades, this area was simply an industrial neighborhood with fish processing plants and shipyards, but when a new harbor further up the road was built, a big part of the fishing industry moved, leaving various buildings and warehouses empty. 

Today these buildings have been refurbished and are occupied and celebrated by artists, architects, retailers, chefs - and a few loyal sailors. It’s a lifestyle area that offers vibrant aesthetics with large-scale murals and a fun juxtaposition of chic and raw. To play on the surrounding mixed media - we chose an intimate layer of feeling into a space with a bubbly pink shade and our signature herbs hand-painted throughout the facade.

The drawings of the herbs are by Gestur Guðmundsson and hand-painted by the artist NarfiWe love having artwork by Narfi on our building. He's one of the top wall artists in Reykjavik - actively bridging the gap between art and construction.

Soley Organics store

Reykjavik is never short of creativity and we’re thrilled to be here and to be a part of the current and future cultural richness Grandi provides. In addition to the Maritime Museum, The Marshall House, and art galleries, we’re in the company of Þúfan (The Hillock), an outdoor art piece by Ólöf Nordal. It’s a grand and grassy dome with a walking path encircling it to the top giving you a peaceful yet simultaneously boasting view of the city and nature. 

Crafted with Icelandic water and handpicked herbs, our brand couldn’t feel more at home here at Grandi. Our loyal customers and visitors alike are having a newfound experience as they pop by to say hi, shop, and refill their Sóley products. An experience that ties in with the vibrancy of the area infused by the surrounding fresh seawater. 

Though you might not be able to visit our new home today - we sure hope to welcome you soon. And until then enjoy shopping our natural and organic products on our website

Soley Organics