tvær stjörnur / two stars scented candle


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tvær stjörnur / two stars scented candle
tvær stjörnur / two stars scented candle

This all natural vegan candle is made with sustainable Colza Wax for a clean burn and longer lasting effect. Blended with natural fragrances that diffuses apple and cinnamon aroma with reminisce of warmth and comfort. The smell of cardamom that gives a aromatic spicy note with a hint of peppery and lemon effect. The ginger diffuses sharp, spicy tonalities with a hint of piney note. The mandarin gives a fruity citrus accents along with green, floral ambience.

The Icelandic poem, printed on the glass jar, is by Megas.

tvær stjörnur
Tíminn flýgur áfram
og hann teymir mig á eftir sér
og ekki fæ ég miklu ráðið
um það hvert hann fer
en ég vona bara hann hugsi
soldið hlýlega til mín
og leiði mig á endanum
aftur til þín. - Megas

two stars
Each moment passes swiftly
and along its course I’m led
and I don’t have a chance to choose
the paths that lie ahead
but I just have to hope it sends some
pleasant thoughts my way
and leads me to you finally
forever to stay. – Megas

(Translation by Halla Helgadóttir)

180 gr. 

  • How to use
  • Ingredients
  • To ensure a clean and even burning of your candle, practise the following: if possible, let the top layer become liquid wax after use, trim the wick before relighting (to minimise smoke), and keep the candle out of draught. Avoid placing the candle directly on a glass or marble surface. This candle has a burning time of 60 hours. Never leave the candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Do not move the candle when the wax is liquid.

  • Canola Wax - 100% vegetable origin. Fragrance of cinnamon, apple, cardamom, ginger and mandarin. Sóley candles are specially made in France. *Please note that ingredient lists may change and slightly vary from time to time. You will always find the most up-to-date information on the actual product packaging.

tvær stjörnur / two stars scented candle
tvær stjörnur / two stars scented candle

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