A Conscious Living

We all have our own idea of normalcy and structures, and living in a time where we’re breaking all the rules from outdated patterns is an intriguing time to live in.

To set aside the globe’s trauma for a minute or three and simply focus on all the beautiful movements and growth we’re experiencing feels radical and exciting to witness. There’s an awakening towards conscious living and gender pronoun inclusivity. Something that felt so far away when I was a teen.

Though Disney princesses and other motherless characters haven't met the traditional household structure of past decades - as in a father figure running the household in real life, times are changing. Tragically lost notwithstanding, male figures of the current era are choosing to have children without a mother role, whether that is a two male relationship or a single male wanting to have a child on his own. 

Is the mother figure replaceable? You might ask. Let’s not go there today I might add.

With traditional households of mom and dad we’re seeing role repositioning - where stay-at-home dads have become the new norm. Women are taking on powerful career roles and “bringing home the bacon”. And stay-at-home dads have doubled in numbers in the last ten years. Even men that have been culturally raised to play the role of the provider and protector - are breaking the rules and choosing to stay home. 

One of many loving benefits of a male parent being the prominent one proposes unconventional tenderness. And introduces gentleness that has often seemed absent in traditional father roles. At last a catalyst for emotional growth has been accepted in the masculine space. And men appear to have a deeper connection to the world as an extension of a newfound human connection.

As I feel myself about to segue to age and gender fluidity in an excitement for all this human growth - I’ll save that for another post. But celebrating a way of evolving and unlearning outdated and tired structures deserves a moment. A real moment.

Witnessing how fatherhood continues to evolve is exhilarating and such a heartening gift for our present and future generations. While the stale debate about what it is to be a man drifts away - the vital task of raising children by men invites a whole new perspective. With the benefits of breeding emotionally available men of the future.