Bearberry Beauty ✨

Icelandic summers have a way of allowing us to feel fully free. Almost as if the summer is endless and darkness has no due date. This summer particularly seems to have offered me the unlimited freedom card - it might have something to do with the previous elongated winter followed by quarantine and going through the mysterious Covid-19 experience.

Regardless, now summer is in full and Icelanders are roaming around the island freely without tourist-filled traffic jams. It’s been a dreamy summer - reminding us all of simpler times.

My belief in the power of nature reflects in anything I do from daily tasks to my commitment to picking my own herbs.

Though when life gets hectic my beliefs are not always easily accessible, and that’s why it’s been so elevating and rewarding to be able to get a nod from Mother Nature as I let go and let nature 🏔

One of our favorite and star herbs used in our products is Bearberry (uva-ursi) or Sortulyng in Icelandic. It’s a low growing shrub that grows leathery dark green leaves and flourishes pink waxy bell shaped flowers and berries. Uva Ursi is the latin name for bear grape - as in the go-to berry for bears. Or in Iceland it’s a snack for our free roaming sheeps  🐑

Bearberry’s holistic effects are born from a unique combination of antioxidants and other phytochemicals, including one of nature’s most effective natural skin lighteners - treating age spots, freckles, sun spots, as well as Melasma - constructing an even skin tone.

The aiding properties from bearberry further extends beyond skin brightening. This waxy greenery is loaded with antioxidants - working to protect against UV rays. Sun damage can cause inflammation - causing collagen loss - causing signs of premature ageing. Using products containing bearberry can reverse some of that damage - allowing the skin to nourish and glow ☀️