Beautifully Strong Birch 馃尡

It should come as no surprise that our appetite for aiding our lifestyle is rapidly growing. With the world going through turmoil, we鈥檙e craving clean living and newfound wellness. We鈥檙e asking for anything pure, all-natural, healthy and non-toxic for our bodies and the planet 馃實

For me the logic has always been that if a plant-based, organic diet is good for our internal bodies, then it should be beneficial for the skin and hair.

Since early 1830 the Icelandic birch has served as a medicinal herbal frontrunner. Healers and those alike, including my ancestors, who swore by herbs-as-medicine favored the native birch. Today reaping benefits from our only native tree is still an important power player in our wellness.聽

Our beloved birch has its eerie die-hard ability to self-regenerate in extreme sub-arctic conditions. Birch鈥檚 Viking power and the ability to self-resurrect causes it to be a major anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial aid. The bark houses its powerhousebetulin- which has proven to heal arthritis, rheumatoid, gout, kidney stones, cystitis, and shown a promise in fighting cancer.聽

With the line between medicinal and wellness sometimes blurred, I just want to clarify that it鈥檚 the external treatment we use at Soley Organics with birch-infused skincare and hair products. And our skin products have proven to heal, firm, retexture, and tighten pores, leaving the skin glowing and luminous. While hair products likeBirkirreplenish the scalp, leaving the hair moisturised and energised.

Having been schooled from early on in the healing power of the Earth, I always look forward to the picking season - which聽has begun. This is when I gather with friends and family in the untouched lowlands in the聽wilderness of Iceland, foraging Arctic herbs for Soley Organics, including our beautifully strong birch. 馃崈聽

And now off to herb picking. Be well, healthy and safe! 馃挌聽