Centered in the Icelandic Highlands

Whether you’re planning your first visit to Iceland, checking off a bucket-list destination, or having a nostalgic return - this summer Iceland seems to be having a moment of being the long-awaited vacation spot. As much as I love traveling to new places, anywhere in Iceland is more than fine by me; the landscape feels like a gift that keeps on giving. There’s something so special about being in the middle of nowhere yet feeling abundant and centered. 

In our recent newsletters, we asked our readers if they were traveling to Iceland anytime soon and suggested visiting our flagship store in Reykjavík. Now I’m curious to learn if you’re planning a trip to the Icelandic countryside in the near future. For those interested in exploring the landscape, I cannot recommend enough heading to the Highlands. It can be a demanding journey and requires being thoroughly equipped, and it’s worth all and any effort - as it’s simply otherworldly. 

Those visiting Iceland for the first time tend to focus on a specific area or theme. Attending geothermal pools, chasing waterfalls, following the dots of Iceland’s Golden Circle, and exploring Vík and the black beaches. There are a lot of arctic landscapes to explore. Iceland’s ring road circles the island and is the road more taken vs. taking the road to the Highlands. Once you’ve gone around the island - one cannot help but wonder about what’s in the center. 

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to the South Highlands with my crew, where we hiked, swam, biked, and nested in Landmannalaugar. It’s a dramatic region of geological and other wonders. Landmannalaugar is visually stunning as it's made up of windswept mountains and otherworldly hues. 

Landmannalaugar is known for its natural geothermal baths, as the name translates to  People's Pools. For decades, and to this day, it has served as an area of shelter and leisure for outdoor travelers who use the springs as a soothing bath. Icelanders have a long and deep relationship with their baths, springs, and pools. And I should mention that just because we’re from this land - doesn’t mean we’re not in awe of the landscape and its offerings. Sometimes I wonder if what I see is real or a dreamscape - it’s simply magical. 

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast and having seen a large portion of Iceland - the landscape never ceases to leave me in serene awe and filled with gratitude. One of my favorite elements of all this is the moment of sitting down after a physically demanding day - enjoying a simple meal in the company of good friends. At the same time, feeling centered by our profound nature.

Iceland Highlands