Clean Living Reboot

As we start rolling into 2020 we might realise that some things have been left behind by January 12th or so. Rather than giving ourselves a hard time about New Year’s resolutions already gone astray, let’s see if we can make a few simple steps toward taking care of ourselves and the environment. It doesn’t have to be all that big and overwhelming - just a touch of contagious love.

Making easy switch ups is tangible - you can start by taking the stairs instead of an elevator, parking the car further away, biking to work or using public transport, making a list of beauty and wellness products you’d like to swap for sustainable items. Editing our lives doesn’t mean jumping on a master cleanse, boot camps or throwing every non eco friendly item out of the house.

I’d say invest in a good and simple skin regime - it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Going clean with our skincare and makeup shouldn't break the bank or require tossing fine goods - It’s ok to finish the products we have first. Researching and making a list of new eco friendly products can be a fun and organised way to go.

When it comes to clean skin - simply think clean products. Eygló moisturiser and Glóey exfoliator are my go-to’s and I love using the face oil, Birta serum - sometimes I do a little mixing. Having a good cream and oil around does the job for me. None of this needs to be complicated or overly expensive, just a simple and mindful edit.

And by all means get a good night's sleep - not much can be done well without a healthy snooze. Whether it’s a resolution or a goal - upping the wellness in 2020 is a sensational plan, but it might need to be rebooted and simplified. When I look at my lifestyle - I find it helpful to start with my immediate surroundings - trusting the right steps will extend to others and the environment. 

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