Coffee Break With Soley

It’s one of those wildly windy days and our office windows have become the conduit of nature’s soundtrack. And some of us gathered in the kitchen area over coffee and decided to shake things up a little. We crafted a few questions for Sóley about her daily life, simple things that we somehow didn’t know about her - like if she has morning rituals to inspire to. Or bad habits to rid off in 2020.

This is how that went down:

1.What motivates you daily?   

My family, friends and you guys. When I set goals it’s not just me who accomplishes it. I’m blessed with amazing people I can rely on. I also think that my thought process is solution based and that I embrace and celebrate when those around me do well - it’s inspiring. In addition to human experience, I live for nature and outdoor activities. Having fun is a motivation.

2.In today’s society - we all seem to be pretty hard on ourselves. Any advice on how to be a little easier and kinder to oneself? 

To focus on your strength is a good start - avoid comparing yourself to others. The oak and the bamboo have different strengths, both are fierce. It’s important to surrender and be comfortable with not being good at everything. Take care of your own garden - don’t point at others (unless you can do better).  

3.What’s your morning ritual?

It’s very simple - I sleep as long as I possibly can. Then I wake up my son, make coffee and breakfast. I clean my face and moisturise with Birta Serum or Eyglo Moisturiser. Then I get dressed and head over here - either working out before or after work.

 4.What’s your vice (we all have at least one bad habit)?

Oh I have a few, as you might know. Everything involving my phone would be good to get rid of - I talk loudly on it, almost scream - it’s always with me somehow, even in the bathroom. Salt. I put salt on everything - I should stop doing that. 

5.When it comes to feeling lost and making changes in your life - what guides you? 

Again, it comes to the people in my life - I have to talk it out. If I ignore a challenge or a problem - it only gets bigger, things grow if they’re not dealt with. I also rely on clearing my mind in nature.

6.Were you given any advice that helped you build and run your business?

Good things can take time. Everything takes time. My grandmother said that everything created by mother nature has a purpose and a solution, healing is found within nature. That was the beginning of all this…

7.What do you find important to share with other women building a new business today?

To believe in what you’re doing and to rely on your heart - not only your head. When you’re creating something authentic - it comes from your heart. Also, not listen to everyone and their unsolicited advice, sometimes it’s simply about sticking to it and keep going. It’s been twelve years since I created my healing balm at home and it’s hard to foresee the path ahead, but my belief system is definitely a big factor of this journey.

8.How would you describe your everyday mood or vibe?

I have a big temper, but I believe that I’m a positive person.

Her partner Vala chimed in: Yes she is and she always gives people time - she’s never too busy for those coming to her for advice or any kind of help. And that’s so much of how she thrives - around and with people.

9.What do you do for fun?

The most fun in life for me is skiing - it’s like dancing or gliding on white blankets of nature. I get such a natural high from being in the mountains. I also love being with family and friends, cooking, dining and drinking wine. Being creative - when that fun and clever idea shows up, it’s such great fun!

-Team Soley

Sóley in her element skiing and Aprés skiing in France:

Sóley Apres ski

Sóley skiing in France