Cyber Monday - The Art of Simplifying

The countdown to the holidays has begun and we’d love to help you simplify your shopping list. In the current climate we’re all about resetting, repositioning and simplifying. We’re also refocusing on our wellness and relearning what’s good for us. What do we really enjoy and what works for our wellbeing?

Of course I’m mildly biased when I suggest that you should shop Soley Organics for everyone on your list, but in reality it just might work in your favor to support small businesses while shopping for all natural and organic products (Soley or not).

My favorite gifts to receive are those that are thoughtful, sustainable and simply practical - things I can use. Then there are those gifts that are grand and unexpected, but in this pandemic I believe we’re all sort of staying within wellness and sustainable spaces. 

There are certain people in our lives who are particularly hard to shop for, they seem to have everything and every year they receive a loadful of fabulous corporate gifts. However, I believe that even the fanciest people on your list won’t receive a totem that will impress more than the Blær shower gel - a natural, gentle and refreshing natural body soap crafted with hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs.

And the truth is that people generally don’t treat themselves to a luxurious shower gel. If you’re a giver rather than a receiver, a bottle of Blær or Varmi shows imagination and might lead to a bigger conversation - who knows? Next year you and the shower gel receiver might be traveling to Iceland together. 

What we do know is that ‘tis the season to shower your loved ones and we’d love nothing more than to assist you in your gift giving by offering 20% off storewide on Cyber Monday, November 30th.