Hydrate Your Skin Before the Holidays 

Dehydrated skin is often a big complaint during this season. The temperature has dropped, people are dealing with holiday stress and sprinting to wrap up the year. For whatever reason, it seems to affect a lot of people during this time of year - regardless of their skin type. Dehydrated skin can feel and appear irritated and dull. 

To reset the vibrancy I like to approach this as an opportunity to reduce inflammation and boost hydration, this means to hydrate the skin from inside and out. To drink water throughout the day, exercise, watch out for sugar intake, and get a good night's sleep. And from outside in - to keep the shower on the cooler side, and up-level my skin routine. 


1. Morning and at night with our organic facial cleanser Hrein. A gentle and effective cleansing lotion that removes any and all makeup. Massaging Hrein into your skin followed by a rinse. Hrein is a non-greasy milky formula infused with evening primrose oil, frankincense, and our signature blend of wild Icelandic herbs.

2. After cleansing we suggest giving the skin a refreshing boost with Nærð. Our soothing toner works for every skin type any time of day. It’s an ideal face mist for a quick hydrating boost  - while cleaning and toning pores. Nærð smells like the mountain spring water from Northern Iceland after dancing around moss and lava rocks - because that’s what it’s crafted with. Our pristine toner is infused with orange blossom and hand-picked wild herbs.

3. Now, exfoliate - Glóey is a powerful but gentle cocktail of our signature arctic herb blend, Icelandic spring water, and coconut, sweet almond, and apricot kernel oils. It's oxygen elevating from within and rids of dead surface cells - promoting skin renewal.

4. Then nourish with Steiney volcanic mask to normalize the skin texture and remove impurities. It’s a rich mineral volcanic clay from the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption. I just love the charcoal gray color and how clean and smooth my face feels afterward - it also eases the absorption of applied nutrients and moisture.

5. Eygló is what you want when aiming for rich hydration, without heaviness or greasy texture. Eygló is packed with antioxidants and moisture-binding properties, which are ideal for winter. Rich hydration that feels light on the skin and is suitable for all skin types

6. For added luxury and extra dewiness - get in on the glow and infuse this oil-based brightness serum into any skin routine (with or without other Sóley products). Just add a drop into your cream for up-leveled hydration.

And don’t forget the lips - they need some love too. Our healing lip balm Kisstu mig is a birch-infused beeswax balm that works wonders on dry and chapped lips - and heals cold sores. Kisstu mig is an ideal daily lip moisturizer - as it softens and nurtures your lips for hours. Apply generously for overnight treatment and wake up with softly nourished lips.

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