It’s Earth Day!

From the beginning of Soley Organics our mission has always been to honour nature and protect the environment, through our products and production, connecting with and honouring nature. As most of the world quarantines at home and limits their daily activities - celebrating Earth Day this year, on the 50th anniversary, will be a little different. We may not be able to host an open house for our friends and family, or gather in parks or beaches, but let’s all connect in spirit. 

Though every country’s method is different from the next - we’re all new at this and that connects us all. I know it can be annoying to hear or read numerous reminders about the silver linings, but this crisis does bring us closer and allows for new perspectives. And I say this as someone who did get affected with COVID-19 and has gratefully recovered - staying positive and redirecting negative thoughts goes beyond imagination.

A lot of emotions come up for everyone during this crisis, and it’s our responsibility to honour those feelings, and not try to shake them off with FaceTime happy hours and baking more bread. Though all that is such fun if done in a non-excessive way. As a matter of fact I think raising a glass to Mother Nature over a repurposed leftover meal at home is a perfect way to celebrate Earth's Day this year, and I’ll be giving special thanks to our beautiful Icelandic nature - for being a total badass!

Naturally daily life is different for all of us, from driving our kids to school and going to work and the gym, to international business travels and hosting our friends, or meeting at restaurants. Without a doubt we miss life as we knew it - while discovering how our “normal” lives were a total luxury that we took for granted. This discovery, as well as the scientific evidence showing a decrease in global pollution, shows there are positive side effects that cannot be ignored.

I know that nostalgia is very present during these times and that we’re excited to return to our lives as we knew them, but before we do so let’s take a hard look at our previous lifestyles and make thoughtful edits before jumping back to it all. Because what if all this is a Mother Nature’s way of telling us that how we were living before was simply ridiculous? In honour of Earth Day let’s reexamine our lives - and make a solid commitment to continue to consume more consciously - after the world opens up again.

Happy Earth Day!