Konudagur - Women’s Day


As the arctic winter begins to fade with the passage of Thorri - the month that marks the personification of icy winter in Norse mythology. A welcomed calendar shift enters with the month of Góa. When days begin to stretch with elongated daylight.


Konudagur, meaning Women’s Day, falls on the first Sunday of Góa. This is when people officially begin to look forward to spring. The tradition of Konudagur dates back for centuries with its roots in the old Nordic calendar.


Personally I honor this day by celebrating other women - both in my closest circle and others from afar. As much as I adore the women in my family including my mother, daughters and granddaughters, I can’t help but think of all the strong and inspiring mothers around the world. And then there are the authoritarian and other women who are known to break down barriers and build up lives.


It’s a tall tower of strength and inspiration, and a part of that powerhouse includes Dolly Parton and her positive, kind and insanely generous spirit. The confidence of Kamala Harris and how she instills confidence in her audience. The gracefulness of Vigdís Finnboga - our former President and the first woman in the world to be elected head of state in a national election.


The transformational talent Meryl Streep - and how she glides in all genres. The dynamic power and creativity of my friend Þórhildur Þorleifsdóttis. The brilliant mind of the writer Vigdís Grímsdóttir. The stunningly brilliant and thoughtful Michelle Obama. And last but not least, distinctively beautiful and spirited Katharine Hepburn


There are countless sources of inspiration from women in all walks of life across the globe. And there will always be more work to be done, but it definitely feels like a new era and I feel blessed to live in this historic time. Women are demanding change, taking action and encouraging revolutionary self-care. It’s a time that resembles a rebirth. We women have pushed through empowering shifts beyond the me-too era. It’s an ongoing rebirth.


Every day is a blessing while trying times are inevitable. It’s our togetherness that gets us through it all. It might have taken us a while to come together and build each other up, but we’re here for the long haul - now more united than ever before. It might be a tad cheesy to end my little anecdote here by phrasing Beyonce, but I can’t help it.  “Who run the world? Girls”.


May your Konudagur be filled with self-love and celebration of the amazing women in your life.