Let’s Talk Willow

In this somewhat mad and ever-changing world - traditions are not to be taken for granted. Neither is bountiful nature and clean air. Everyday I count my blessing of living next door to boasting nature. As I’ve mentioned before I still practise the tradition of picking my own herbs. Along with friends and family we head to the untouched lowlands in the south of Iceland during the harvest season and gather our goods. One of the leading gems used in Soley Organics products is willow.

Salix phylicifolia - the tea-leaved willow is the species of Iceland. It’s a richly storied plant known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Its medical power includes pain relief and fever reduction. Willow bark contains fiber that tones irritated membranes and reduces bleeding, and aids to relieve heat and swelling associated with injury and arthritis. Sometimes referred to as natural aspirin, willow bark contains salicin which is comparable.

Because of its anti-inflammatory assets, willow bark is a star component in skin care offering effective soothing and conditioning properties. The salicylic acid found in the bark extract acts as a natural exfoliant and is commonly used in various acne care and treatments - relying on its ability to shed dead cells, clear pores, and stimulate new cell formation.

It’s safe to say that salicylic acid is a rejuvenating power tool. It speeds up the skin’s natural process of ridding of dead cells and growing new ones. Lastly, but just as highly important - willow bark simultaneously addresses signs of ageing. It’s known to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, minimize pores, and improve overall skin texture - all leading to radiant skin. While all this sounds too good to be true, coming from a single plant - it's simply not. However its performance level highly depends on the harvest and production. And we simply swear by ours.

Stay safe, healthy, and glowing! ✨