Our Iconic Bedside Miracle

If you’ve been looking for that all-in-one healing wonder for your skin. You’ve arrived. If you haven’t already met Græðir Healing Balm. Allow me to introduce you to our all-purpose soothing miracle balm. It’s the household item that started my Sóley Organics journey. Based on my great-grandfather’s formula, this organically certified balm has numerous beneficial properties for various skin conditions and the skin’s overall wellness. 

An iconic little wonder known for treating eczema and psoriasis, fast healing, and treating dry skin and itchy patches. It’s a skin-energizing balm that works magic on chapped skin and lips. Græðir is swirled with a high concentration of our signature wild and handpicked herb blend and is a dream for dry hands and feet before bedtime. 

How our customers feel about Græðir

“The balm was just what my skin needs. I had used a retinol cream and had succeeded in burning my skin. This balm was very soothing and took the inflammation down with 48 hours…”

“Excellent soothing moisturizer doubles as lip balm” 

“my favorite thing to do is put it on at night before bed, and my skin looks amazing in the morning. ♥ thank you for putting such a beautiful product together.”

“I purchased the healing balm when in Iceland and have reordered it twice. Besides using it on my chapped lips, it cured my dried cuticles, and it seems to have made the little wrinkles around my eyes less noticeable.”

“This is a truly healing balm that I use every day. Once you try it, you are a loyal fan.”

“My daughter was troubled with eczema on her leg after having a baby. Nothing works, and with two applications of Graedir the whole thing cleared. I use it for operation scars which occasionally irritate. Marvelous stuff.”


Graedir Healing Balm

Before you stock up on Græðir today - here are a few words about the herbs:

Birch a powerful healing herb that has soothing and regenerating properties and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. Birch also reduces skin lesions, edema and eliminates symptoms of severe itching. 

Yarrow is a therapeutic agent that promotes skin healing and is ideal for sensitive and problematic skin. 

Bearberry reduces melanin production and is effective against skin discoloration and pigmentation. 

Willow is a natural plant source of Salicylic acid (BHA) with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

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