Self Love

Let’s face it - we all want to be loved and cared for. Valentine’s Day makes us think of that very concept. Love. How we love, who we love, how we are loved, basically just the whole big thing called love.

Part of Valentine's fun is to decide what to do, how to sweeten the celebration of love, and if to expect a touch of sparkle or luxury from ourselves or others. We’ve talked about self-care on the blog before and the importance of taking care of ourselves and the environment - self-love however is a different thing.

It turns out when it comes to loving ourselves - we’re not all that good at it. At least not without tools like Intuition. Innsæi in Icelandic means to see within. It’s a source of love, acceptance, personal power and guidance. Innsæi lives within all of us, no special talent needed to access it.

The act of self-acceptance can be managed by taking a good look at ourselves in a nonjudgmental way. Accepting the things we don’t love i.e. how we get stressed, not being a morning person, and how we have to squeeze the muffin top into fitted jeans. By simply taking an honest inventory, warts and all, we can begin to accept it. It might not be a big act of love but it’s a big step towards it.

And if the act of love is to be kind, passionate and show affection to others then all we have to do is treat ourselves the way we treat those we truly love. It should be an easy recipe for self-love. We shouldn’t have to take an inventory to love “self”. We might have been looking for self-love in all the wrong places, in others instead of ourselves - seeing within.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of worrying about opinions of others, so how about focusing on falling in love with who we are. However you celebrate this year - whether you plan to shop, eat chocolate, go to a spa, curl up in bed or enjoy a celebratory dinner - just remember that you got the love within. It’s always there - it always has been.