There was a time when picking up a packaged food item at the grocery was a basic action. Now the goal is to weed through trusted goods that haven’t been fortified. Mineral infused grocery items are having a huge moment and I feel a bit bothered by it. Does everything have to be fortified with vitamins or minerals? And how much is too much?

It seems to me that if you’re unbothered by all the infusion at the grocery you’ll end up with breakfast cereal, some sort of snacks like energy bars, a plant-based dairy product, pasta, and some kind of “clean” juice or non-alcoholic beverage that is either fortified with vitamins or infused with collagen. And are we supposed to add a daily dose of supplements on top of that? How did this even begin? And what does it take to swallow a harmful overload?

The word self-healing is such a broad term and can mean anything from giving your body rest and mental love to pursuing self-healing after being diagnosed with an illness. Self-healing from an illness can be a sticky subject and cross-paths with religion and spiritual beliefs, but I do believe in taking good care of your body with simple and nutritious food, a good night’s sleep, exercise and staying hydrated.

The supplement industry’s worth in 2021 is USD 151.9 billion. It’s an active vs reactive industry, but I can’t help to see how it also has manipulated scarcity in the Western world. We focus on what we don’t want to happen vs what we want to happen. And what we don’t want - it seems as though people think they can block it with a loadful of supplements and fortified dried food. 

 Whether people are fans of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his theory about body intelligence, have recovered from burnout, or stay healthy and practice yoga - there seems to be a common thread of listening to the body and determining food intake and supplementation needed to uplevel daily life performances. What we do know is the mind is connected to the body and how we operate that connection varies widely. I do however encourage vastly upleveling how much we listen to our bodies.

 Next time you see your doctor - see if you can change the routine conversation and talk about the body’s intelligence or consciousness - you might be surprised. There are a lot of modern doctors out there who are willing to talk about our body’s awareness and to advise healing through diet and lifestyle vs a loadful of supplements.