The Ultimate Wellness Destination Of Today

The quest for wellness increases steadily each year  - from the pursuit of physical and mental fitness to indulging in self-care practices. And today’s conscious travelers continue to flock to Iceland - seeking geothermal soaks and other well-being practices in nature. 

Amidst the stunning landscapes and untouched beauty of Iceland, a wellness revolution has taken place, establishing Iceland as the epitome of serene havens and rejuvenation. 

The geothermal activity in Iceland provides access to mineral-rich hot springs, renowned for their therapeutic benefits. Soaking in these geothermal pools allows visitors to unwind, detoxify their bodies, and rejuvenate their spirits.

As a homegrown Icelandic brand, Sóley Organics is committed to preserving Iceland's pristine environment - and we’ve become an integral part of Iceland’s spa culture. When you visit many of the remote wellness havens in Iceland, you’ll experience Solely’s presence as an amenity staple - as our products are exclusively made of wild hand-picked wild herbs and organic plant oils.

One of the spas Sóley products are provided in is Geosea in Húsavík - housed above the seaside on the cliffs of Skjálfandi Bay, with a view of Kinnarfjöll mountains. The idyllic location showcases the juxtaposition of snow-capped mountain tops, while soaking in mineral-rich seawater - watching whales peeking from the ocean. 

Taking in the aromatic scents and the therapeutic effects of the Icelandic herbs - while being immersed in Iceland's natural wonders transport spa-goers on a sensory journey that nurtures body and mind.