Varmi Haircare Delivers Salon Results

There are certain hacks we can do to enhance shiny and bouncy strands. Keeping our hair away from heat treatments and hot showers certainly makes a difference - as heat tends to strip the hair of essential oils, making the hair very dry and brittle. Stress is another factor that plays a big part in our hair health. 

Refocusing on hair health can be uplifting and beneficial all the way around. It’s an opportunity to take a good look at how we treat our hair from morning and through the night, from sensible sleep to a clean diet and supplemental intake. Then it’s the quality of the haircare products that drive the results home.

Those of you who have visited Iceland and the luxurious baths around the island know that several of the spas and hotels have chosen Varmi haircare as their shower product amenities. And here’s why: Varmi hair products are made in Iceland, certified by Ecocert Greenlife, are cruelty-free, vegan, and crafted with clean and toxic-free ingredients - including fresh mountain water, wild hand-picked Icelandic herbs and carefully selected essential oils.

Varmi Shampoo

Our herbs make the formula gentle for the hair and scalp while effectively delivering results. After your first wash with Varmi Shampoo your scalp will feel calm and nourished and the hair clean, smooth and shiny. Designed to strengthen and hydrate Varmi is a deep cleansing hair restorative product. 

Crafted with a wild Icelandic herb blend of Birch, Yarrow, Willow, and Bearberry to restore hair loss, reduce inflammation, improve keratin absorption, and soothe the scalp. Varmi deep cleanses the hair and removes excess oil while strengthening each strand. 

Varmi Conditioner

Being free of silicones, Varmi Conditioner doesn’t feel like most commercial products as it doesn’t coat your hair - it’s designed to naturally draw out our natural wave and shine vs weighing the hair down. Hydrating, strengthening and nourishing the hair - Varmi Conditioner is designed to restore damaged hair and promote resilience while controlling frizz and promoting elasticity. Our customers also love its earthy scent.

Like its accompanying shampoo, the Varmi conditioner is enriched with our signature herb blend of Birch, Yarrow, Willow, and Bearberry to build collagen and strengthen the hair fibers, reducing hair loss. Varmi Conditioner hydrates frazzled hair due to the environment and heat styling, and is packed with antioxidants to restore and promote healthy growth.


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