Viking-Infused Winter Activities

The stunning landscape and powerful energy of the wondrous Kerlingarfjöll never cease to amaze me. Housed in the Icelandic Highlands, the multicolored Kerlingarfjöll has been my favorite place on earth since I was a young teen attending summer ski school amidst the natural wonders. The most vigorous area in Iceland and a true haven for adventurous souls and outdoor spirits alike. 

Kerlingarfjöll is a glacially dissected rhyolitic located in the South West of Hofsjökull. Sadly global warming has caused a dramatic change to the glacial landscape and our summer activities in Kerlingarfjöll. Though the facilities stay more or less open all year long - skiing in the summertime is no longer available to us due to temperature increases and insufficient snow to keep the nostalgic summer ski school open. Today locals and travelers have sought out the multi-color-changing mountains for hiking and wellness leisure like hot spring lounging.  

Earlier this month my friends and I journeyed to the snow-covered rusty mountains for ski-touring and leisure. An important component of my love for outdoor group activities is the evening social - filled with guitar playing, group singing, laughter, storytelling, and deliciously rustic meals while gazing at the Aurora borealis. Not only is Kerlingarfjöll one of the most mystical natural attractions in Iceland - it’s also one of the best spots to watch the Northern lights. 

Being a part of an active volcanic system - Kerlingarfjöll possesses powerful and mystical energy. During the summer months, it’s a popular destination for hiking, natural attractions, and hot springs. Wintertime is a whole different ball game and not suited for everyone. 

Though winter temperatures in Iceland can be surprisingly mild to visitors - hovering around the high 30s. It’s a temperature range that suggests quality layering for hiking adventures through low mountains and winter scenery. But the highlands can have sudden changes and extreme conditions and therefore caution must be taken and rules followed. 

During the ski-touring in the backcountry, the weather changed rapidly and went from total stillness to wildly windy - where I had to fight hard just to stand still. And it’s not only the weather that is unpredictable - the natural light can shift within seconds from a sunny clear sky to cloud cover and to sudden pitch black towards the end of the four to seven hour winter daylight. Being an avid outdoorsy person I’m always well-equipped in safe and solid company - which allows me to surrender and have awe-inspiring moments in these bigger-than-life natural wonders. 

Happy Winter!

Winter activities in Iceland  Winter activities in Iceland  Winter activities in Iceland

Winter activities Iceland

Winter activities Iceland