Why would you put that on your skin?

Topical treatments or anything that comes in contact with the skin either locally treats the area or penetrates into the skin and enters the bloodstream. Dermal absorption happens when a chemical goes through the skin and travels into the body. Many chemicals used in skin, bath, and beauty products penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. 

I’m not sure why the misconception about the lack of effectiveness of organic and clean skincare products is still roaming around. And why people are still purchasing bath and beauty products filled with harmful ingredients.

We tend to use more products than we realize - the average consumer uses between 10 -12 products daily. Between our body, hair, and face products, hand care, and makeup - meaning a lot of chemicals enter our system if we don’t pay close attention. If we’re not doing our research about what we’re putting onto our skin - how do we know what’s in all of these products? 

And where do all the soap and lotions go?

Once applied, does any actually make it to your bloodstream? Apparently so, and some of these chemicals and harmful ingredients actually resemble hormones. Our blood system distributes these chemicals throughout the body. 

We’ve talked about how the terms “natural”, “clean”, and “all-natural” are thrown around loosely in the beauty industry, and therefore the simplest method is to stick to products that are certified by a third party. 

You might come across claims like “paraben-free”, “SLS-free” or otherwise “free”, but unfortunately, these aren’t trustworthy signals - they are buzzwords to make you look away from all the other hidden harmful ingredients. 

To simplify, a good rule of thumb is to avoid all ingredients you can’t pronounce. And keep an eye out for any of the PEGs, as well as paraben, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, as well as any word beginning with “petro”. 

None of the Sóley products include any chemicals or harmful ingredients, and when we talk about our products being either natural or organic - they’ve been certified by a prestigious third party. This way you can trust that your beauty and wellness products are 100% free of chemicals and harmful ingredients, the packaging is environmentally friendly and we never test on animals. 

There’s no time like the present to detox your soaps, lotions, and potions. And restock with clean and effective products that are kind to you, your family, and Mother Earth.