Winter is coming - my morning routine

In my part of the world, in Iceland, we are heading towards the darkest time of year with only a few hours of daylight. I guess it is only a fair price to pay for the luxury of enjoying 24 hour daylight throughout the summer. Iceland is a country of stark contrasts and I tell you when it‘s winter here, we get no discount, it really is winter. Fresh ice cold mornings, scattered snowstorms, the whole shebang!

Icelanders are already making their neighborhoods more lively by decorating with christmas lights already in early November. It is only natural to brighten up ones existence in the often cold and gloomy days leading up to christmas.

Soley out for a walk in winter


As for me, I really enjoy this time of year! I love putting on my warmest coat, warm hat, a scarf and my hand made wool mittens, and taking Nói (my beautiful black Labrador) for a walk in the pitch black, cold mornings. Going for long walks or a run, is when I centre myself and where I contemplate what I have achieved and where I still want to improve.

My company of course takes up a big part of time, but my products are also a part of my every day routines as a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am to be able to do what I love. 


Let me share with you my morning routine: 

After my morning workout I like taking long showers and I try to remember to pamper myself a little bit. My favourite shower product is Fersk white, a gently foaming facial cleanser. Fersk means fresh in Icelandic. I simply love how it feels and the blend of refreshing essential oils give me a great boost to start the day.   

fersk white cleansing foam - soley organics

I also swear by my exfoliator for the face, Glóey exfoliator, or Glow, it does wonders for the skin and leaves my skin glowing, nourished and moisturised. Lastly, I apply my favourite moisturiser, Eygló, which I truly believe is one the best moisturisers in the world.

This quick routine in the morning really feels like a visit to the spa.


The idea behind Soley products is of course, that anybody can treat themselves to some self love and luxury in their own space and where they feel most at home. We all need to treat ourselves a little better. We really do deserve it, for all the challenges that life throws at us every day.