Experience Soley Organics in Hotel's, SPA's and Nature baths around Iceland

Premium Hotel’s and SPA’s in Iceland are seeing the added value of using a homegrown local producer of soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions for their bathrooms and showers. Soley Organics provides high quality, natural and organic skin and hair care products made from fresh spring water and hand picked wild Icelandic herbs based on an old family recipe.

> Using Icelandic products completes the unique experience for visitors when in Iceland
> Refill strategy allows reuse of our recyclable bottles and therefore reducing waste - Soley Organics offers a ready solution for Hotel’s and SPA’s to tap into
> Buying local products reduces their carbon footprint
> Natural and clean products are kind to your skin and in harmony with our environment

Check out some of the amazing places (Spa’s and Hotel’s) we supply to
and see which Soley Organics products they are using.