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The ultimate travel set

Our travel sets come in the perfect size to have in your workout bag, purse, and carry-on. These deluxe minis are equally designed for your bathing ritual and touch-ups - so you can keep your Nordic glow wherever you go. 

This set includes: 

Varmi Shampoo - 50ml. Volumizing and strengthening shampoo - designed to hydrate and cleanse normal to oily hair. 

Varmi Conditioner - 50ml. Nourishing hair conditioner designed to restore damaged hair and promote resilience

Evör Lip Balm - 10ml. Restorative silky layer for every lip to lock in moisture.

Hrein Cleansing Lotion - 25ml. A classic cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin.

Nærð Face Mist -  25ml. Hydrating face spray that tones and soothes stressed skin.

Eygló Moisturiser - complimentary sample of certified organic moisturizer. 

Sóley Organics skin and hair products are formulated with handpicked wild and resilient herbs - sustainably sourced from the Lowlands of Iceland.

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