Wellness + Inspiration Recap

As I was about to sit down to write this weekend's blog post - I thought, why don’t I just write you a little note asking you how you are doing? Are you taking good care of yourself, your sleep, your mind, your body, your skin, your overall wellness? 

We tend to put ourselves to the side when life gets hectic - instead of pausing for a moment to check in with ourselves. And with that in mind, I thought - let’s press the pause button for a moment and check in to see what we need now.

This post is therefore a wellness collective - in hope of inspiring you to take care of you - because there’s only one of you. 


To actively practice ecotherapy or digital detox, stand barefoot in the woods for about 15 minutes, as well as practice tree hugging. For more structured and guided forest bathing, there are classes to be found and global communities to connect with. Read more
When starting to treat sleep with more importance and respect I had to redesign several behaviors and habits in order to power-down my brain and disengage from the day. My sleep enhancers include: a good mattress, not falling asleep over Netflix, staying away from phone activities and alcohol before bedtime, no coffee after 2pm, and taking time for a bath - relaxing and hydrating my mind and body. Read more
The benefits of our outdoor activities goes way beyond breathing fresh air. Clocking every step or wind sprints might release anxiety and strengthen our physical body, but we’re not feeding our souls when we’re strapped to a heart monitor or distracting ourselves with goals. Letting go of counts and devices allows us to be present in the moment and reap the benefits of that freeing feeling. Read more
Herbal baths and herbally infused skincare do not only have a calming effect they can also aid and serve as nutrients and antioxidants - protecting the skin against free radicals. The antioxidants from our handpicked herbal blend have both nourishing and restorative properties - and are designed to have overall healing effects. Read more