Bring Nature Inside on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day might be the ideal day to metaphorically reset the mood. After a year of austerity, change and uncertainty, everyone could make good use of a home edit. The new season offers a ripe opportunity to infuse nature into the homestead. What’s being celebrated in interior design trends is soft round shapes, simple colors, and inspiration from nature, and adding more green indoors.


If you’re so blessed to live geographically close to your mom, grandmother or a mother-figure why not forgo the restaurant brunch celebration and celebrate in the comfort of home - adding quality time to laugh and dance, and be free together.


Moving away from the vibe that’s been prevalent through the pandemic - with a lack of energy and people tired of being so much at home, can be healed with recreating the entire mood of your home. Turning your home into a sustainable sanctuary where the weekends feel like eco staycations could be the ideal Mother’s Day plan and timely as we yield into spring and summer.


It’s fun to discover consciously crafted pieces and plants as a way of bringing nature home. As well as refurbish items that might be ready to be tossed. Giving new life to spaces with plants and consciously crafted goods can make our spaces feel entirely new and fresh.


There's no one-size-fits-all approach, but the idea of waking up in nature or next door to nature, even if you live in a city sounds ideal right now. I’m thinking how I can create more of a green world in my home. And being more mindful when I collect new items for the house, To thoughtfully curate each spoon, bowl, and textile.


Taking the attributes of human, animal and environmental welfare into account when choosing new pieces is a way to move forward. If you’re looking to build more of a sustainable homelife and are new to all this, give yourself the time you need. This is not a speedy process.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when incorporating a new lifestyle or method. You can start by adding more green plants to forgo buying fresh cut flowers. Purge anything that feels toxic or out of place, and take the time to replace the items. The goal is to make a difference, however small. As we celebrate the mother figures in our lives - let’s honor and celebrate Mother Earth, as she houses the only home we’ll ever have.


Happy Mother’s Day!