Did you know these 5 wellness facts?

1. MORNINGS. Our collective stress can be pinpointed to dehydrated and dull skin. Starting the day with meditation or journaling can have a positive affect on our self compassion and how we respond to stress triggers. Practicing self care in the morning generates positive emotions which boosts higher levels of skin hydration.
    2. OUTDOOR. Prioritizing your wellness by pressing pause on the ongoing to-do list and other outside responsibilities can really impact your mood for the remainder of the day. Research shows that spending time outdoors for just two hours a week is all it takes to boost your mood and decrease cortisol levels.
      3. PHYSICAL. Consistency in physical activity doesn’t only improve the quality of sleep, but also the quantity. The nature of your chosen exercise isn’t where the focus lies, but the consistency and how much fun you have is. Choose exercise that you really like and don’t worry about what’s currently trending. The more you enjoy it - the more you will do it. And the more you do it the more you get to sleep.

        4. CLEAN FORMULAS. Here at Sóley we approach skin care from both inside and out. We love effective, divinely-smelling luxurious products. Using clean products - doesn’t mean less effective. There seems to be a notion about clean beauty being less effective - empowered by nature has its credibility. We use high-performance and active ingredients that result in vibrantly glowing skin. Sóley skin and hair products are all crafted with natural ingredients that are safe enough for babies and yet powerful enough to reflect results.

        5. CLEAN WASHING. We’ve talked about Greenwashing in our journal before and how certain words like “eco friendly” and “green” don't have credentials or a clear definition. “Clean beauty” is another term that we’ve seen taken far too lightly. We live in an era where beauty and skincare brands operating in the EU conduct much stricter regulations than brands that operate in the US market. Yet another reason why we have to do our research if we want to stick to clean personal care.