Greenwashing a.k.a. Changing the Narrative

Ignorance is bliss as they say and we thrive to believe in a better outcome - we don’t seek out lies, we live for the truth and life seems to be much easier if we don’t question things too much.

If you’re not familiar with the term Greenwashing - it’s a practice of marketing products in a way to convince the consumer that the product is more environmentally friendly than it actually is - it’s really a marketing and PR scheme by which businesses and organizations provide actively misleading information about their services, production and products - claiming to be globally impactful.

Due to the pandemic businesses wanted to show up more consciously and tell us that they’re making the world a better place - this tale basically went two different ways - they either A. invested in impressive innovation to change the entire business model and operations, or B. simply changed their narrative.

What’s so grim to me and I can’t stop thinking about is how far the B. group went with lies and how much money they’ve all spent on marketing and PR to rewrite their story.

How deeply they went to make themselves look better and make consumers feel better about their purchases - all based on a false strategy.

Some products can truly read and sound like they’re authentically sustainable, but the facts are made much bigger than they actually are. As we know now the fast fashion industry has proven to use up more energy than aviation and shipping combined, but they continue to pose as green and clean and it is tricky to spot their “brandwashing”. They’ll use green colors, words or terms with no clear meaning i.e. "eco-friendly", and some jargon that only a scientist would understand. Or they create a new product that is actually sustainable to lead with - while hiding all the other harmful production behind the curtains.

It’s quite heartbreaking now that people are waking up and realizing that they want to lead sustainable lives and want to contribute to their global impact, and unfortunately organizations and businesses are taking advantage of them. 

I’m all for cool and clever marketing and advertising, but please don’t tell us that you’re saving the world when you’re purposefully harming it. Here at Sóley I’m proud that we’re fully transparent about products and production and welcome any questions and concerns you might have. 

Together we can control the narrative - but we can’t change it.

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Love, Sóley