Hair + Skin Essentials for the New Season

This time of year always feels a little bittersweet - saying goodbye to the bright summer nights and entering the plummeting months of darker days. At the same time the mesmerizing fall colors and beauty during the autumn here are unparalleled. 

With a few understated beauty edits I transition from my lighter summer hair + skin routine to richer and extra dewey products. I also add dry brushing and try to hit the steam room more frequently.

exfoliating - avoiding dull and dry skin. Glóey exfoliator is a powerful but gentle cocktail of our signature arctic herb blend, Icelandic spring water, and coconut, sweet almond, and apricot kernel oils. It's oxygen elevating from within and rids of dead surface cells - promoting skin renewal. Every time after using the Glóey exfoliator my skin looks and feels deeply cleaned and younger-looking. 

Icelandic skincare Gloey exfoliator by Soley

After the polish; my skin welcomes the nurturing step of Nærð - a vibrant toner that adds a fine vale of moisture that tightens and soothes the skin. Nærð is a lightweight tonic spray made with water from a mountain spring in northern Iceland. It feels like standing by one of our waterfalls - infused with the scent of moss and birch. Added to our signature blend of hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs is a touch of orange blossoms. 

Once I’ve toned my skin and feel closer to nature - I’m ready for the three layers of Birta - the anti aging hyaluronic products I talked about last week. I’m so proud of these products and the new and elevated formula penetrates my skin with overall nourishment and a healing glow. Talking about the senses, Birta touches and lifts my mood by bringing nature home.  

At the end of the summer months and after vacationing in the sun - my hair is dry and frizzy. This is the time of year I switch my hair care from the Varmi shampoo and conditioner to Birkir hair and body cleanser for a gentle but thorough wash. Birkir, which smells so luscious, removes dirt and debris while nurturing the scalp and keeping the hair and skin moisturized and energized. Then I finish with a round of Blær conditioner (avoiding the scalp) for a silky finish. Blær is crafted with hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs, an exotic blend of fennel, patchouli and citrus blend. 

And last but not least, my body routine starts with dry brushing, then I wash with Birkir hair and body cleanser. Then I pat my entire body dry and seal the skin with the silky smooth certified organic body moisturizer Varmi. A body care that nourishes skin, elevates the mood and soothes the senses. 

I hope this helps you elevate your senses, mood and beauty. 

Have a cozy and fruitful autumn!