Honoring Women's Equality Day

August 26th marks Women's Equality Day and we’re reminded that we all have the opportunity and the responsibility to look around us and aid power imbalances - to do our job to rebuild a world that gives everyone an equal voice. This day was initially selected to grant women the right to vote in the US.

Today, women’s equality means so much more than just voting rights. Worldwide women founded organizations strive to provide other women across the globe with equal opportunities to education and employment, to close pay gaps and push against boundaries drawn by the opposite gender, to heal suppression and violence towards women against discrimination and stereotyping.

We’ve come far, but we still have a ways to go. Women’s Equality Day gives us an opportunity to highlight our success and to reflect on the continuing struggle for equality in the workplace and in our daily lives. To have those conversations can range from nuanced discussions on female artists and women-owned businesses to a deep dive into economic disparities perpetuated by power imbalances.

It’s impossible for us women in the western world to understand how the restrictions due to religion affect women equality in other parts of the world, including Afghanistan. But looking out for one another and upleveling our psychological vocal cords is a way to empower women's equality. Finding small ways to activate our power within and around us helps transform how we show up in our daily lives and across social media.

Continuing to rebuild a world where everyone can thrive regardless of their gender, gender expression or sexual orientation is our goal. With the purpose of empowering gender justice we can dive into all kinds of fun and meaningful activities. Here are a few ideas for honoring Women's Equality Day.

  • Shop from women-owned businesses
  • Elevate your bookshelf with women writers
  • Discover new women film directors
  • Give a shout out and celebrate other women - tag them in posts
  • Listen to women’s podcast
  • Encourage girl power
  • Support women-driven organisations and charities

Supporting women-owned businesses naturally propels sustainability, and drives diversity and social responsibility - as women are actively involved in these purposeful missions. Let’s extend our love towards other women and trans-women who’ve faced violence and discrimination just for belonging to a gender minority today, on August 26th, and every day.

Happy Women's Equality Day!