Hygge at Last

Or huggulegt, as we say in Icelandic. Something sure smells good around the office these days with our candles back in stock after a lengthy hiatus. It’s the season to cozy up and re-activate all six senses while tuning up the hygge. Our candles come in two vastly different but equally loved scents by our customers. 

During this time of year, I look for ways to step outside my thoughts and emotions and think about what’s around me. I think it’s the perfect time of year to revisit our rituals - take time to meditate and test our selflessness. When we get caught up in the stress of the holiday season - it tends to leave the joy behind. 

When it comes to the gift-giving season, people stress and struggle about how and what to gift their loved ones. Another reason I’m thrilled to have our candles back - it solves so many gift dilemmas. Who doesn’t want to up the ambiance in their living spaces with divinely scented poetry? Both candles feature printed words by Icelandic artists. And both are crafted with sustainable Colza Wax for sustainability. 

Bústaður features a poem that plays on the residence of the poet, playwright, and author Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir. This candle will set the mood for romance after a long day. The sweetness of juicy rhubarb and then pomegranate promotes a fruity fantasy with a fresh diffusion. Together they remind of grapefruit and strawberry scent along with a citrus note - then rounds in harmony with the subtle woody base of Patchouli

Tvær Störnur or Two Stars is by our beloved singer and songwriter Megas. This candle is formulated for warmth and comfort. Opening with cozy aromatic notes of apple and cinnamon, it unfolds with spicy notes from cardamom, pepper and lemon - for depth and clarity. The balance between the individual notes of Ginger and pine are anchored by green, citrus and  floral ambience.

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