Icelandic Serenity 

Iceland houses an impressive collection of natural baths and spas around the country. These are true sanctuaries that celebrate and infuse the senses. Each bath is reminiscent of the town or the landscape it’s built in. I simply can’t think of anything more luxurious than a deep soak surrounded by otherworldly views after a long day of exploring or being on the road. 

Not all of these spas are the same, as a matter of fact, one is distinctly different from the next.  What they all have in common is the silent sound of Icelandic nature, a hint of earthy scent, and the potent antioxidant dose you benefit from a natural soak while breathing the pristine arctic air. 

Another component that ties these luscious baths together is the fact that they all provide locally produced body and hair products from yours truly. If you’ve been to some of the spas around Iceland you might remember the complimentary use of Sóley Organics products in the showers. It feels on-brand for these spas to offer natural and organic skin and hair care products made from fresh spring water and hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs. 

Popular occlusive ingredients found in our products are moisturizing essential oils. The Sóley Organics infused shower at the end of your spa visit traps water in the skin, then replenishes with restorative and nourishing hydration. The products provided at these serene havens are either Blær or Varmi.

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