Last Call - To Hydrate

As you might have heard - we’re making some changes in our online offerings. We’re creating a new exciting online shopping site in the US market and will be focusing on haircare at first. This Saturday - November 1st we’ll temporarily disable our skincare shipping to the States. To make the most of these last moments we decided to call out a few gems to make it simpler for you to rethink, edit, or add to your organic skincare routine.

CLEANSE: In the morning and at night with our organic facial cleanser Hrein. A gentle and effective cleansing lotion that removes any and all makeup. Massaging Hrein into your skin followed by a rinse doesn’t only remove impurities, but also pollution which wears on the skin. Hrein is a non-greasy milky formula infused with evening primrose oil, frankincense, and our signature blend of wild Icelandic herbs.

TONE: After cleansing we suggest giving the skin a refreshing boost with Nærð. Our soothing toner works for every skin type any time of day. It’s an ideal face mist for a quick hydrating boost  - while cleaning and toning pores. Nærð smells like the mountain spring water from Northern Iceland after dancing around moss and lava rocks - because that’s what it’s crafted with. Our pristine toner is infused with orange blossom and hand-picked wild herbs.

HYDRATE: Load up on antioxidants during your daily hydration - day and night. Eygló is a concentrated anti-inflammatory daily moisturizer with benefits. Because of its antioxidants Eygló is more than a hydrating player - it works as a daily defender against pollution while improving elasticity. Our wild Icelandic herb blend works to eliminate bacteria and visually fades sun damage.  

KISS: Your lips need some love too. Our healing lip balm Kysstu mig is a birch infused beeswax balm that works wonders on dry and chapped lips - and heals cold sores. Kysstu mig is an ideal daily lip moisturizer - as it softens and nurtures your lips for hours. Apply generously for an overnight treatment and wake up with softly nourished lips.


Have a lovely hydrated winter ❄