Let’s Be Honest

It’s a brilliantly sunny Thursday during some of the strangest times most of us have experienced in our entire lives. And because of the weirdness and because we’re desperately craving some normalcy, we want at least the option of talking about something else - not reading about anything not related to the Corona Virus and the economy in the media. Now that we’re approaching some restrictions to be lifted here in Iceland, including hair salons - Icelanders are booking their hair appointments like their lives depend on it.

I’m observing the social cravings people are experiencing along with the urge to have their hair trimmed and roots refreshed. And I’m thinking is it really about our hair? Or is it about something else? Possibly about a sense of normalcy, because if we can go out for a manicure - the world isn’t falling apart. This all came to me as I saw Honest Day on the calendar.

And on that topic - I thought about how much we actually lie and why. Honesty and honest living are crucial to our wellbeing - as well as healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Honesty goes a long way in resolving chronic emotional issues due to secrets. Finding a way to forgive ourselves deepens the relationship with ourselves and offers a new layer of freedom. I believe that lying and hiding the truth comes from fear, not being able to face it ourselves, and/or a fear of being judged, disrespected or disliked.

To sit alone with nothing but the naked truth can be daunting or scary even - depending on the depth of the secret. I just love the idea of removing any and all fuzzy versions of the truth and give it a refreshed nakedness - the simple naked truth. When we give ourselves the luxury of stillness and privacy, our story shines through us - who we actually are, what we’re made of and the fabricated stories we tell others fade away.

In honour of Honesty Day, I propose a challenge - to allow ourselves to celebrate who we truly are underneath it all. To celebrate a moment alone - going through our story and making note of any fabricated truth that was possibly born from a frantic moment or from straight up scarcity, especially in times like these when we have an open invitation to be human beings - warts and all. Why not drop that layer or unnecessary noise that isn’t fully ours, even the silly things we tell our husbands..? They might actually know how much our shoes cost and really not care.