Nordic Midsummer Ritual

We’re stepping into the second part of summer while celebrating Midsummer with Nordic traditions such as bonfires and outdoor activities - we’ve approached the longest day of natural light in the season and therefore there’s a subtle change in the season. Some of us welcome the slightly shorter days ahead - for a deeper quality of sleep. 

In old pagan traditions - this time was reserved for a celebration of fertility and welcoming darker nights. Today, we still celebrate the long days of natural light - as it reminds us of taking a mild inventory of health and rituals. 

I treat this moment in the calendar year not unlike I do for the New Year - an ideal moment to reset. One of the changes I make is with skincare and rituals - it’s an ideal time for a summer detox. An ideal marriage of a brief juice cleanse and skin reset. During this time I tend to swear off sugar and change my skin routine. 

On that note, here’s my Midsummer skin detox + care. 

  1. Begin by cleansing your face with Hrein Cleansing Milk 
  2. Rinse your face with a cold washcloth
  3. Evenly spritz Nærð Soothing Tonic Splash over your face
  4. Lightly massage your face with your fingers in circular motions around the eyes and cheekbones - always moving upward from the jawline 
  5. Spritz or mildly splash your face with cold water
  6. Apply Glóey Exfoliator to face and neck - avoiding the eye area. Massage using circular motions and leave on for a couple of minutes 
  7. Rinse your face and neck thoroughly 
  8. Re-spritz Nærð Soothing Tonic Splash over your face and neck
  9. Apply Eygló Organic Moisturiser for a refreshed and cleansed face and neck 


Happy Midsummer + Dreamy Dewy Skin