Organically SO

When I was in the creative brainstorming process creating Soley Organics in 2007 - I naturally thought about clean and organic products, crafted with Icelandic herbs. It didn’t make sense to me to go a trendy route creating products with chemically foreign ingredients. And the juxtaposition on the market then were some natural offerings that didn’t feel luxurious or vibrant to me, and some came with an odd scent. This is to say that the nature of our brand wasn’t a big question. There was a gap in the market in Iceland and I saw an opportunity to create a fashionably organic brand offering both effective and incredibly smelling products. 

Using Icelandic herbs to nurture the skin is proven not promised. They’re simply clean and active - making it organically possible to create formulas ending in a healthy glowing skin. I believe in exfoliating the skin a couple of times a week - removing sluggish surface cells, promoting skin renewal and stimulating the senses. 

 However, there are trendy peels out there and toxic ways of delayering the skin, which I find worrisome and I don’t see a need to strip the skin. We want to hydrate and nurture the skin without disrupting the skin tissue, breaking down collagen and causing inflammation. I believe that the dewey and juicy look that most of us are after comes naturally by hydrating and nourishing the skin properly.

Soley model walking by waterfall in IcelandThe myriad we have to work with as a natural brand situated in our Arctic paradise continues to evolve and elevate. Today we’re loving our anti-aging products Birta crafted with a highly concentrated formula - allowing the skin to organically absorb, nourish and feel plump. I can comfortably say that we believe in transforming the notion of aggressive peels to simply nourishing the skin from both inside and out. This includes an overall healthy lifestyle including drinking your water and sleeping. Supported by allowing time and knowing that there aren’t any healthy quick fixes out there - using nontoxic creams and active oils organically result in radiant skin.

Icelandic ingredients like Birch bark contain an array of antioxidants, increasing the skin's elasticity. And the birch leaves are known to calm down inflammation, heal wounds and tighten pores. Birch is also effective in reducing the symptoms of eczema, actinic keratosis, and psoriasis. It doesn’t hurt that the scent from Icelandic birch is simply divine and has a positive mood factor. Another herbal ingredient we use in our products is Bearberry, a powerful glow factor. Bearberry also has the natural power to brighten the skin, heal UV damage and erase sunspots.