Redefining the Look

Transparency being one of our values, our brand has grown up in public. Meaning when we’re exploring a new design or a product - we put it there for our customers to try and express their thoughts. When it comes to our containers we’ll continue to prioritize sustainability in every aspect of the packaging design. 


Today we’re very excited to share a glimpse of our new look. The artwork reflects some of the wild Icelandic herbs used in our products while listing the leading ingredients on the front. And of course, we’ll continue to stay transparent with our ingredients - listing everything on the back of the bottle. 


Due to our ECO-friendly ethos it will take weeks for the new design to be adapted to all of our products, selling what’s in stock first to avoid waste. However we’ll celebrate the cohesive line when the entire collection has been redefined. 

Soley Organics new look vs old look

We truly hope you’ll love the new look and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Team Sóley