The World of Sóley - The Story

Our business has always been a place of togetherness and family, inheritance and nature. Coming to work everyday to create new memories as we grow the brand has been a gift. And during these times of uncertainty I continuously count my blessings. Our blessings.

I believe that our brand is a lifestyle - it’s not only about purchasing a clean product, but about the initial choice of choosing our brand. Behind that decision is a lifestyle choice that shows respect for mother nature. Treating the earth with dignity. Believing in our tomorrows.  

I also believe in the importance of family. Being in the cocoon of my family supports my vision - even the simple moments. Being together in the transformative Icelandic landscape can feel illusive - like being in a dream. The past and present unite and it’s as if we’re in our own little movie.  

Honouring the legacy of my intuitive great grandmother and our awe sprawling nature - we decided to make our movie. A short film about the simple joy of picking herbs for our products. Hoping it inspires you and lifts your spirits.  

The film showcases our meditative and magnificent nature. It was both humbling and foreign to narrate a film featuring my own family - picking wild herbs for our products. Moments of simplicity that might have been taken for granted in the past, but can only be celebrated in todays and tomorrows.

Siggi and Stefan at Arni & Kinski production company made the film. Their vision creating stories about human beings is filled with poetic beauty and his love for nature. The music is by the talented Gyða Valtýsdóttir and Kjartan Sveinsson from Sigurrós.