Summer Skincare Routine

There’s no better time to brighten your skin than right now. Summer is all about social fun and outdoor adventures - this year more than ever. While the pandemic isn’t over globally and the degree of countries reopening varies, Icelanders are looking forward to a brighter future and ready to step into summer. 

Here at Soley we’re not only focused on being green and clean, but also to create and offer highly effective products. We’ve been able to connect the dots between what was favorable to the earth and what’s favorable to our wellness.

We believe in targeting that radiant glow from inside and out, from a once-a-week DIY spa time, to drinking water and exercising. We love taking a steam or sauna at the end of a daily pool visit. Though we do enjoy our outdoor public pools all year around - summer time swimming is just more fun.

Allowing our skin to look & feel its best during the warmer months - formulated with good-for-skin ingredients. It only takes a few steps to glow like summer. I change my skin routine a tad in the summer months. And today I’m sharing my DIY spa routine - which I practise daily, except for the volcanic mask, which I use weekly. 

For fresh foamy face cleanse I love using Fersk White during the summer months. It’s refreshing and mild while quickly removing impurities and excess oil from the skin. Its active ingredient, Icelandic yarrow, reduces the appearance of pores and promotes circulation leaving the complexion looking polished, smooth and pleasantly scented with lavender and citrus.

The next step in my spa routine is the SteinEY volcanic mask - to normalize the skin texture and remove impurities. It’s a rich mineral volcanic clay from the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption. I just love the charcoal gray color and how clean and smooth my face feels afterwards - it also eases the absorption of applied nutrients and moisture.

Btw. Stay tuned for a new product inspired by our latest volcanic eruption.

Once I wash the clay mask off and gently pat my skin dry - I spritz a layer of Nærð Tonic for a balance and soothing results. It’s a lightweight tonic crafted from a mountain spring in northern Iceland and infused with orange blossoms and our signature hand-picked wild herb blend. This step feels both healing and nourishing.

During these warmer months I go for a lighter moisture anduse Dögg - it’s a certified organic product and is packed with healing properties andantioxidants. It feels silky on my skin and I wear it day and night. Dögg brightens and tightens the skin while calming inflammation.



When I need an extra boost after extensive outdoor activities I add Birta Serum to the mix - either under my moisturizer at night or on its own. The texture is elegant silky oil - leaving the skin smooth and nurtured. Filled with Vitamins A, E and other antioxidants - the Arctic sea buckthorn oil absorbs so beautifully.

I hope you’ll have a lighthearted summer - filled with fun and radiance!