The Love of Life

I understand that Valentine’s Day traditions are about curating the perfect date - where a table at a fabulous restaurant was expected. Jewelry and perfume sales went through the roof. Lingerie and red lipsticks ads popped up all around weeks prior. Greeting Card companies made millions.  

Once nods to Valentine’s Day made their way to Iceland we didn’t know what to do with it at first. Then people began to encourage the idea - to have fun with it. Spas, restaurants and flower shops got in on the promotion. Not like Icelanders were against romance or love during the icy month of February.

As time has gone by, almost a year into our shifted mindset due to the pandemic. Is Valentine’s relevant this year? I believe the answer to that question is: YES. Simply because we should take any excuse to celebrate life and love in any form. While the enduring popularity of the traditional lover’s day has shifted, it’s cute to revisit and have a moment of lightness.

Celebrating Valentine’s this year brings out the creativity in us. And therefore easy to create lovely AND sustainable memories at home, practise self love, rethink romance, have family fun, or simply hug a tree.

Here are some of my ideas for the LOVE day this year:

SOLO: this is the day to celebrate with self-care indulgence. I sincerely suggest a nice long soak. Now is the time to use that luxury candle and special bath salt you’ve been saving. 

ROMANCE: what a perfect night to dine from your favorite restaurant via delivery. In a way of a picnic on the floor at home watching a classic movie, with a divine bottle of wine (or a mocktail). Though restaurants in Iceland are now open for dining in, with certain regulations of course.  

FAMILY: reinventing a night in with a family member of any age has countless possibilities. Virtual bespoke offerings have gone above and beyond: anything from a cooking class to hiring a comedian to playing games with a celebrity.

EARTH LOVE: this is when you can write a love letter to our planet by making a list of 5 items in your home to repurpose in lieu of throwing away. And treat yourself to Sóley - whether it’s Blær showergel or the youth-boosting serum Birta. Our clean products leave your skin glowing and happy (equivalent to hugging a tree).


The overall point is to make memories in hopes of being healthy and more free next year. To look back at this day. To have highlighted something so specific about the day and when we look back - it’s a love letter to ourselves.


I hope you’ll celebrate the love of life and have a memorable Valentine’s Day!