The times we hope to live in

I've been thinking about what to tell my grandchildren later in life about the times we're currently in. The world has never felt so divided before - at least not in my lifetime. A division so large that it's affecting the moon - it's inching away more every year.

Despite Iceland's success in controlling the Corona virus with testing and tracking, we find ourselves like other nations at unease with the second wave. Our borders have enhanced testing methods - from mandatory testing followed by 4-6 quarantine days, followed by a second test for all incoming travelers including Icelanders.

It's no secret that Americans are dealing with strict travel restrictions these days and are not allowed to enter several countries including Iceland. It's tough to watch how Americans have to cope with this life-altering reality. People are divided and therefore feeling more vulnerable.

It's been difficult to hear news from our US customers and the uncertainty of their nation, along with other life threatening issues like climate change. The wildfires along the West Coast are devastating and storms in the Southeast continue to get stronger every year.

Before the moon completely diminishes I hope we can put all of our differences aside and focus on restructuring and healing factual threats that we're facing globally. It doesn't make sense that something that sounds so simple as in - treat everyone and the planet with dignity and respect - can be so incredibly hard to accomplish. But until we find common ground we won’t be able to overcome our fight in diminishing Covid-19. 

I'm sending Viking strength to all of our American friends and may your country find strength and love. And may the world find true togetherness 🖤