What's in Sóley's Suitcase

You’re an avid traveler. What are some of your favorite places in the world?

I love North Italy and The French Alps - I go skiing every year in the French Alps, either Tignes, the Tree Valleys, or Chamonix. 

I am also doing something called Worldloppet - it’s an international sports federation of cross-country skiing marathons, founded in 1978 in Uppsala, Sweden. Worldloppet aims to promote the sport of cross-country skiing, by focussing on popular skiing through the various ski races worldwide. To get a gold medal you need to finish 10 ski marathons in 10 different countries. I am doing one a year and have now done three of them and I am aiming to do the Vasalopped next winter.

I try not to travel abroad during the summertime and focus on traveling around Iceland during the magical summers here.  Spring and autumn are incredible in Pedemonte in Italy - love it there. 

I used to love going to big cities but not as much anymore - I go to London every so often. What I do love about big cities is the variety of people from all over the world, which creates such a unique vibe.

What was your first trip outside of Iceland?

The first time I went abroad I was 7 years old and went with my parents to visit my aunt and her family in Oslo, Norway. I loved it and still go to Norway now and then to ski and see my aunt who’s now 90 years old and still skiing.

Are there particular destinations that inspire you most?

To reload my battery I go skiing in the Alps, and here in Iceland. I love spending time in nature so I would say the Icelandic nature and the Alps inspire me the most.

What are your must-have items in your suitcase?

I always travel with Sóley products, and the travel sets are perfect. Running gear is something I always take with me when traveling, good jeans, a variety of shirts, one nice dress, and lots of shoes.

Where’s your favorite food? 

At home with my family. We are real foodies.

Do you have any favorite restaurant of late (anywhere in the world)?

I have eaten in great restaurants in Stockholm - there are so many good places there. I love Indian and Chinese food in London. There are so many wonderful restaurants in the French Alps.

You just returned from New York. What led you there?

We are opening a fulfillment center for Sóley Organics in the US so our US customers can receive our products faster via free or low-cost shipping. New York was also a touchdown on my way to Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut - which is a part of my MBA studies at the University of Iceland.

What are the takeaways from your New York trip?  

New York is great and so full of people from all over the world. I would’t be able to live there, but the energy is amazing. I also went to New Jersey and was so inspired by some of the Korean spas there. I enjoyed being in Jersey by the Hudson River - you get that Manhattan feeling and it’s only a 10 minutes drive from Midtown.

How do you care for your skin when it gets dry during your travels? 

The most important thing is to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. I always use the Eygló Organic Moisturiser and sunscreen before I put on my makeup for the day. At night I remove makeup and cleanse my skin with Hrein Cleansing Lotion, followed by Nærð Face Mist and then moisturize with Eygló. 

Interview by Anna Rósa Parker, from the Sóley team.