We Stand With Her

If you were asked to give an homage to your female role model, who would that be? Our interpretation of women’s empowerment and strength is frequently on our table, and now more than ever as we get into the month of March. It got us thinking of all the inspiring women in the world - from all walks - past and present.

Our mission is always to help women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin - body and mind. We encourage women to thoughtfully take care of themselves using clean and organic products. Our company is where women come together in mutual support and love of Mother Earth. 

Uniting women through Mother Earth is a cause close to my heart, and is just one of the reasons why we’re paying homage to influential women throughout our history. My great-great-grandmother, Thorunn - known as Grasa-Þórunn or Herb-Thorunn was a particular inspiration to me. She was a known healer and midwife here in Iceland.

I’ve heard numerous stories about her saving people’s lives with her amazing knowledge of herbs. And apparently she was the first woman in Iceland to wear trousers - bravo great-great-granny! Without her influence our brand wouldn’t exist today. I think about that in terms of what kind of legacy I leave behind as a mother. It’s not always foreseeable, the influences we have on our daughters and their daughters and so on. Today I continue to gather the herbs myself, with help from family and friends - honouring Grasa-Þórunn.