What is Clean Beauty?

The true meaning of clean beauty is a safe, non-toxic product with transparent labeling of ingredients. Just because a product is organic, natural, or green doesn't mean it's non-toxic. It can be daunting for the consumer to understand and trust what makes a product clean.  

Clean beauty is an unregulated term and unfortunately tossed around without third-party certification. There’s no formal definition of clean (like there is for organic, and natural) - and several brands today self-define the term, resulting in both confusion and a lack of trust.

Today, the European Union bans more than 1,300 ingredients from use in beauty and self care products, while the United States bans only 11 beauty ingredients.

But what does clean beauty really mean?

Here at Sóley Organics, clean beauty means never compromising health for results. We prioritize local ingredients: fresh mountain water, wild hand-picked Icelandic herbs, carefully selected and ethically sourced oils and carriers, environmentally friendly packaging free from any chemical agents that could harm people or nature.

We’re committed to making safe, clean products that deliver real results.

Our ingredients and packaging are screened for third party certification for its sustainability. We care for the environment, and use only ingredients that are cruelty-free. Not only are our products free from all chemical agents - they’re so clean and harmless that you can actually eat them (but we can't promise they'll taste good). 

Every ingredient in our formulas has a purpose. In more recent years clean beauty has become more luxurious with high tech performance, i.e. an exfoliator and cleanser that leave your skin plump and glowing, or haircare that resets and nurtures your locks. There’s no compromise needed anymore - clean innovation has become so incredibly advanced. 

When in doubt searching for clean beauty - find the list of ingredients on the product. If the list is MIA or not fully transparent - or when it lists only a few ingredients, chances are that the product has hidden toxic ingredients you most definitely do not want to put on your skin. Remember what you put on your skin finds its way into your bloodstream.

Stay tuned for new high-performing skincare in the works here at Sóley. In the meanwhile shop non-toxic hair and skincare HERE.