What’s Konudagur?

Konudagur in Icelandic means Women’s Day and marks the beginning of the month of Góa.

We have a saying in Icelandic “að þreyja þorrann og góuna”. Meaning to survive the harshest winter months (January and February) and look forward to spring.

As the winter months find their way back from the plummeting season it’s time to celebrate Konudagur. Traditionally falling on a Sunday - the first day of Góa, marks a moment when the days start being visibly longer. Therefore today we welcome Góa into our homes celebrating the brighter days ahead. Today is also an ideal day for self-pampering and treating the women dear to us to something special that marks beauty and nature. 

The importance of crafting environmentally safe products while widening the conversations around sustainability it’s only fitting to mention my great-great-grandmother Grasa-Thorunn and my family's tradition of harnessing the healing properties of Iceland's native herbs. My great-grandmother was a known healer and midwife in Iceland and there are many stories about the lives she saved using her knowledge of herbs. She’s also known for being the first woman in Iceland to wear trousers :) 

Thorunn passed her wisdom on to her son, Erlingur, who used it to save all twelve of his children from the Spanish Flu. My first product, GRÆÐIR, an all-purpose healing balm, is based on one of Erlingur's recipes. In Icelandic, græðir (grai-theer) means "healer". 

Keeping their herbal wisdom alive and following my ancestors' footsteps, my team and I work hard to create beauty and wellness products that are powerful, but gentle. To craft effective solutions on all kinds of skin problems, but so harmless to you and nature.

Here's to Konudagur and brighter days ahead!