Why Ecocert Certifications?

If you’ve been with us for a while you know how strongly we feel about the transparency of clean beauty. The certifications we proudly receive from Ecocert are based on every step of production from flora to packaging. Our products are either Ecocert Cosmos Natural or Ecocert Organic Cosmetics certified.

Designing ethical clean beauty is an ambitious, but rewarding undertaking and goes hand in hand with your desire to consume responsibly at the highest quality possible. These certifications issued by Ecocert guarantee and highlight the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.

The development of natural and organic bath and beauty products that are transparent and respectful of the environment is no small deed for all creators and brands in this space. As you know, it all begins with honoring our customers’s health and well-being while treating the environment with respect. 

Opting for the prestigious certification from Ecocert proves our commitment to the customer beyond our words. It means choosing transparency and respect over fancy packaging and “ideal” fragrances in the products - it means being ethically identifiable to everyone. 

The juxtaposition of all these are the increasing challenges in the world of beauty - challenges that are nothing short of alarming for the consumer. The amount of self-identification in the beauty world unfortunately isn’t regulated as it should be. As of now, uncertified brands are casually using verbiage like clean, natural, sustainable, green, and so on - without being certified as so. 

For you, the easiest way to identify sustainable cosmetics is to trust the certification labels. Certification from Ecocert guarantees quality while proving the company's willingness to take an honest and rigorous approach. In short, as complicated as the process is - it makes it easier for you to identify and trust that your purchases are crafted from clean and ethical ingredients. 

Learn more about Ecocert’s competence, independence, and impartiality HERE