Human Success

This summer marks my humbleness of not being able to accomplish everything I desire; or I pivoted - to be less dramatic about my recent event of self disappointment. Last week I failed to run the 55-kilometer race I was set to do. At 30-km I stopped and couldn’t go forward and couldn’t believe what had happened. I gave up!

My spirit sank to the ground. I’d been training for this for months, and I didn’t really question not being able to do it, regardless of some minor injuries. I’m usually able to push myself to lengths with determination. And with my commitment I’ve inspired other women around me to do the same while making my family proud of me.

On the big day surrounded by the otherworldly nature Iceland has blessed us with - all my minor injuries decided to show up and override my commitment. It was so utterly disappointing in the moment and I kept telling myself that I can do this, until I really couldn’t do this. My belief that I can do anything, if I can become an athlete later in life, diminished. When I put my mind to something, nobody can tell me no - until on this day my body did. My body said STOP. 

The following day the realization of upleveling my mindfulness going forward and not taking my body for granted and pushing it too hard yielded over me. And though running hasn’t been my forte - it’s a big component in the quadrathlon, The Avengers of Iceland, I compete in annually. It plays a big role in my life and excites me to get up in the morning.

My hope with this setback is to inspire women and girls equally about self acceptance. And to welcome the mindset shift that we don’t have to succeed in everything we take on. If your heart's in it - that’s already a win - finding passion is a win on its own. And when time comes to hang up the running shoes for a moment or for good - that’s okay and who knows what this mindset shift leads to. A new game, door - Narnia?

That’s the thing about our dreams and goals, sometimes they shift and take on lives of their own - but it doesn’t mean failure. Though it does give the term “keep your eye on the prize” a whole new meaning. And that’s ok - we’re here to create, adapt and evolve. And I’ve been reminded that being able-bodied and healthy minded is a humbling blessing, and having a beloved family is by far my biggest prize in life.