Naturally Energetic & Loved

Sóley and friend Dinna at a rest stop during a hike.

I feel beyond blessed living in a country like Iceland, where most of us live next door to nature. Living here doesn’t mean that you have to be a farmer in order to interact with nature every day. Reykjavik and the surrounding capital area are hemmed in by fields of moss covered lava, mountains, and the sea. With all that fresh air and pristine ocean, city and suburban lives are filled with a connection to nature.


From one of my hikes last summer at Reykjanes.

Companies that focus on overall wellness and sustainability in today’s market are reaching beyond fitness programs and healthy food offerings. For the ever-evolving wellness lifestyle experience in the workplace today the trend is all about connecting with nature, including “bringing nature inside”.

Today’s reality might consist of spending the majority of the day inside the office, and for many the workday includes working inside warehouses and other work spaces without windows. Which is the primary reason for nature being a forefront trend in wellness today and purposed as a healing method.

I’ve seen a lot of clever and creative green interiors suggesting that nature has been brought inside the space. All of that can be important and aesthetically pleasing. It cannot, however, be compared to spending time in authentic nature, or in lieu of it. Carving out a few minutes a day outdoors can make a difference in our lives.

Studies show that spending time in nature gives the brain time and space to rest and revitalise. Connection with nature also improves short-term memory - that aspect alone I find enough to put in some time with nature every day, whether it involves waking up in nature via camping, hugging a tree, or simply taking a walk in the park.

Life is hectic and it’s not accessible for everyone to find themselves having quality time in nature, especially people living in large urban cities. I believe that as little as 15 minutes every day in nearby nature or taking the kids to the park can truly change the quality of life. Allowing a few minutes in nature for the brain and body to take a break from technology and work related stress can be awe-inspiring, boost our energy, and give a big wink to self-love ;)