Mother's Day

Like religious holidays, we don’t all align with Mother’s Day celebrations. As Mother’s Day approaches I want to be respectful and sensitive towards those who have gone through the loss of a mother or a child. My team and I extend the deep love in our hearts to everyone going through hardship. 

Those celebrating Mother’s Day this year with their mother or as a mother - we hope you’ll enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Being a mother, and a grandmother is such a blessing and I treasure these roles every single day. This Sunday I’ll also be celebrating my mother and the mother figures that came before me. And as always, I’m sending love and gratitude to Mother Earth.

Recently I asked my all female-team to share some advice their mothers have passed down and reflect on how that has shaped who they are today or how they go through daily life. And this is what they said…


To have a positive attitude and be kind to people.


To be fearless and active with my choices and life decisions. 


My mom always emphasized having a healthy breakfast, which has stayed with me throughout the years. 


Making my bed in the morning - and celebrating others. Life is so much more fun when you can rejoice in the success of others


Everyone gets different tasks and challenges in life and it is up to us how we handle them. 


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